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Dear Sadhakas,
We can practice by ourselves, but when we sit together, it creates a different atmosphere. In retreats we join forces and create a collective effort and strengthen the mind field.
Together we support each other and in a positive manner as a spiritual community, we move each other forward.
Retreat yourself, once again and again and again.
Many of you have participated in past retreats, and say, “I have already joined, I already know what you are teaching—what bhastrika, kapalabhati, and meditation is all about.”
I receive calls from people saying, “I want to join this retreat, but are you teaching anything new? I’ve been to this retreat and that workshop, I completed teacher training--are you teaching anything new?”
If I say I am teaching something new, they will join and if not, they do not.
The attitude and approach to the practice needs to be different.
  • Retreats are a practice that continue with many, many different depths.
  • In retreats, we sit together in the collective mind field, and through that exploration of direct experience, it is always a new experience, always a different retreat as we are traversing the depths.
  • Yes, we learn something new in each retreat. Each retreat is a new retreat.
  • There are two ways of teaching --reading a book and the second way of teaching is --Guru teaches intuitively and something comes which is not in books--and only comes when taught from a meditative tradition.
The Himalayan Tradition is an oral tradition and there are many practices we do in our programs that are not written, that do not show up on the syllabus—they are provided by Guru.
Our Monthly Chakra Sadhana Retreats are focused on intensive pranayamas, chakras, kundalini practices.
Join our retreats and discover your new experiences in the limitless depth of direct experience. Click here
´╗┐In Service,
Panditji Dabral
“Panditji is an inspirational teacher who exhibits genuine knowledge acquired firsthand from a great master! - M. Buss  Saint Paul, MN

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