A Special Message from Panditji
March 2020

“It is the mind which creates hell and heaven. fear is a phobia which needs to be eradicated from the human mind.” - Swami Rama
A message from Panditji:
Coronavirus, as well as the wave of economic and social disruption, has brought difficult times for the entire world and humanity.
Many of us are clouded with fear and anxiety. But remember that we really need to put our faith and trust in the ever protecting Mother Divine and mother nature as she always helps her children. This too will pass and we all will emerge even stronger.
As yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers there are several things we can do to protect ourselves and our families and help others during these turbulent times.
  • Keep yourself strong mentally and emotionally,
  • Do everything possible to stay calm and positive,
  • Keep remembering your mantra,
  • Sit in silent meditation several times during the day for at least 2-5 minutes.
Experience the positivity as a fruit of your practice. Let us all take this time of challenge as an opportunity to connect ourselves with the teachings.
I will sit with all of you every week for an hour or so in meditation, chanting of healing mantras and a small Satsang.
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