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Dear Friends,
“Learn to be happy. Don’t postpone your joys and happiness for next year, and don’t leave it to God to make you happy. God is already within you; happiness is within you. Witness his presence all the time and remain free from all fears. You are the architect of your life.”
It is with that inspiration that we offer you a Progressive Series of Intensive Guided Practice experiences—our Himalayan Virtual Ashram.
As the architect of your life, you are invited to construct your spiritual plan for this year, the next, and for years to come.
Our Virtual Ashram in a world-wide community of sincere sadhakas—beginners and seasoned practitioners. The word practice means to perform an exercise repeatedly and regularly to improve one’s proficiency. Sadhakas benefit from our Progressive Series of Intensive Practices, continuing from Fall to Winter and to Spring and Summer Sessions, for year-round intensive sadhana. You are encouraged to keep practicing and immersing in programs you have experienced---new levels will be revealed to you to enrich and advance your practice.

Please enjoy perusing the progressive core program of our Virtual Ashram, described below. We offer many other programs which change with each new session, so sign up for our newsletter.

In Service,
Pandit Dabral
Gateway to the Subtle Body
Journey to the Center of Consciousness.
Guided daily practice based on the subtle aspects of yoga, chakras, kundalini, and pranayama.
Graduate and open yourself to these practices--some of which have not been previously taught.

Learn the deeper levels of breath retention, kundalini awakening, chakra purification and chakra awakening. 
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